Scooby-Doo (Archie Comics)
Scooby-Doo issue 1 (Archie Comics) cover
Publisher Archie Comics
Type Ongoing
Began August 1995
Ended April 1997
Issues 21
Previous series Scooby-Doo (Harvey Comics)
Next series Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

Scooby-Doo is a comic series originally published by Archie Comics from 1995-1997. This may be the only comic book series from a major publisher to have created stories with Scrappy-Doo as a character.


# Title Publication
1 Monster of a Time / Birddog of Alcatraz August 1995
2 When Scooby Comes Marching Home / The Abominable Skiman! September 1995
3 Ship of Dummies! / No Miners Allowed October 1995
4 Royal Canadian Mounted Scooby! / Close Encounters of the Scooby Kind! November 1995
5 The Grey One / The Shaggy One December 1995
6 A Tree Grows in Seattle!! / The Rich Get Richer! January 1996
7 The Phantom Rides Again! / The Creature of the Black Museum! February 1996
8 The Spooky Spook House! / The Prehisterical Dinosaur! March 1996
9 Werewolf Are You? / The Maltese Mutt April 1996
10 The Really Big Show May 1996
11 Camp Scooby-Doo / The Barking! June 1996
12 Ghost of the Fearful Frontiersman! / Scooby-Doo! Where the Heck Are We? July 1996
13 The Strange Vanishing in Vegas / Beetlemania August 1996
14 The Balloon Busters September 1996
15 The Undersea Mystery! / The Not So Reluctant Dragon! October 1996
16 The Ghost of Central Park / The Mystery at the Bottom of the Sea November 1996
17 The Scary Schooner December 1996
18 The Mystery Machine Mystery / Cave Fear! January 1997
19 The Electric Monster / Scooby of the Frozen Tundra February 1997
20 The Legend of Spooky-Doo / Lost / Spooky Space Kook March 1997
21 Monster Park After Dark / Car Trouble April 1997

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