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Vital Statistics
Hair color Light gray with black spots
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Other Statistics
Occupation Laff-A-Lympian
Affiliation Skillett Showboat; Scooby Doobies; Mystery Inc.
Family Dada-Doo (uncle)
Mumsy-Doo (aunt)
Scooby-Doo (cousin)
Ruby-Doo (cousin)
Yabba-Doo (cousin)
Skippy-Doo (cousin) Scrappy-Doo (first cousin once removed)
Production Details
First appearance TSDS: The Gruesome Game of the Gator Ghoul
Played by Daws Butler

Scooby-Dum is Scooby-Doo's cousin and a member of his team, the Scooby Doobies.

Dum lives with Ma and Pa Skillett in the Hokeyfenokee Swamp of southern Georgia. Whenever Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Dum greet each other, Scooby-Doo greets, "Scooby-Dum" and Scooby-Dum says, "Scooby, doobie, doo." They then do a special handshake involving two high fives. Whenever he heard the word "Clue", he would invariably pull out a magnifying glass and, intoning the opening four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, chant "Dum dum dum DUM!"

Physical appearance

Scooby-Dum is grey Great Dane with spots, buck teeth.


He has a generally dim-witted demeanor.

Powers and abilities

Scooby-Dum's foolishness sometimes gives him greater access to toon physics than the others, allowing him to save the day when nothing else will work. For example, the gang was trapped in a locked tomb and the only way out was to reach the ceiling. They built a human tower, but it wasn't high enough. Scooby-Dum, at the bottom of the tower, simply pulled himself out of place and scrambled up to the top. His ignorance of the laws of gravity thus saved them all.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

Scoobies Doo and Dum, and Mystery Inc. helped solve a mystery involving an alligator monster who was trying to put an end to the Skillets' production of their popular "Fenokee Fizz" soft drink. (The Gruesome Game of the Gator Ghoul)

Insert details here. (The Headless Horseman of Halloween)

Season two

Insert details here. (Vampire Bats and Scaredy Cats)

Doo and Dum visited their female cousin, Scooby-Dee, during which she was dognapped. (The Chiller Diller Movie Thriller)


Insert details here.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Erik Skøld Norwegian

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