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Scooby and me

"Scooby and Me" is a song.


Shaggy Rogers: Whenever I'm down
Right there on the ground
Lying out flat my face
Who is pup
Picking me up
And getting back in the race?
Who'll be around watching my back
Guide me along and keep me on track?
Forever he's there
We're a pair
Scooby and me
When the going gets tough
And things getting
Scooby-Doo: Rough
Shaggy Rogers: You're the one whom I depend
Scooby-Doo: Who me?
Shaggy Rogers: I give you the proof,
I'll climb up on the
Scooby-Doo: Roof
Shaggy Rogers: And shout the world "You're my friend!"
And when I'm a vampire
Roaming the night
Because you're my pal
I'll just take a small bite
You're one of the greats
And we're mates
Scooby and me
Oh Scooby and me
We're gonna be
Together for good
That buddy of mine
If you're ever in doubt
Need me helping you out
You know that I would if I got time
If you're ever in jail
And you're needing some bail
Or a friend to set you free
You can always count on me
'Cause tell me where would I be
Without you by my side
My friend and my guide
Helping to carry me through
People go by
If I live or I die
They wouldn't care, but not you
You're the one who keeps me at ease
giving me love and occasional fleas
Scooby-Doo: Sorry
Shaggy Rogers: No matter comes
We are chums
Scooby and me
Lita Rutland: Closing us down
But that isn't fair
I'm warning you all
You better beware
You're messing me
And you'll see
You're all going to pay
Vincent Van Helsing: Oh, I'm broke, I'm ruined
What will I do
oh, what happens
When the rent is due?
Jesper Poubelle: Oh, watch out, my friends
Their vampire on the loose
Sheriff: And that's why I brought the noose
Lita Rutland: You'll just killed the golden goose
Fangenschanz: Oh, got a show to do
Crowd: Vampires here
Fangenschanz: Curtain up
Crowd: Run them out of town
Shaggy Rogers: Hey, Scooby-Doo
Fangenschanz:Opening night reveue
Crowd: Bad show
Fangenschanz: Don't give up
Crowd: It's time to shut them down
Shaggy Rogers: What would I do?
Crowd: Their to blame, it's truth
Fangenschanz: Pobelle, shame on you
Both We're not the same as you
Shaggy Rogers: Where would I be without you?
Scooby and me
We always will be
Together forever as friends
Crowd: Get out, don't want vampires
Shaggy Rogers: You are the one, second to none
The pal on which a buddy depends
Fangenschanz: Leave us because
We know when the show goes on
Crowd: Their are the ones
They're evil and bad
Fangenschanz: Watch for them
They're cazy and mad
All What do you there's vampires
When there shouldn't be
Jesper Poubelle: Listen to me
Lita Rutland: You can't do this me
Vincent Van Helsing: Dosen't anyone see?
All: Why this happen to me?
Shaggy Rogers: It's always going to be
Scooby and me


Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo sang a song about their friendship in a swamp when they thought the former would turn into a vampire. Meanwhile, Lita Rutland was singing about closing down the Vampire Palooza, Vincent Van Helsing about being broke, and Fangenschanz with Jesper Poubelle and his vampire crusaders about their rivalry.



  • "Scooby and Me" is the sixth of eight songs in the film.

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