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Scooby of the Frozen Tundra

Cornered by Liverz's polar bear

Scooby of the Frozen Tundra title card

Publisher Archie Comics
Date published February 1997
Part of Scooby-Doo #19
# of pages 9
Writer Mike Kirschenbaum
Penciler Phil Solow
Inker Jorge Pacheco
Previous story

The Electric Monster

Next story

The Legend of Spooky-Doo

Scooby of the Frozen Tundra is the second and final story in Scooby-Doo #19, by Archie Comics. It was preceded by The Electric Monster.


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Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • Biff Baxter's huskies (single appearance)(no lines)
  • Cameraman (single appearance)(no lines)
  • Jack Londonderry's huskies (single appearance)(no lines)
  • Jim Crossbeam (single appearance)(no lines)
  • Jim Crossbeam's huskies (single appearance)(no lines)





Suspect Motive/reason
Jack Londonderry He'd lose a contract worth millions.
Moribund Liverz He had to leave before the race started.
Inuit man He passed on getting a drive from the gang.


Culprit Motive/reason
Moribund Liverz, controlling the polar bear To make sure Londonberry would win and continue to endorse his flea company. He also pretended to be an Inuit to spy.


  • Scrappy-Doo is absent.
  • According to Shaggy, Scooby never gets fleas.


  • Disguises: None.
  • Scooby Snacks bribe: More than he's ever had.
  • "Zoinks" count: 1.
  • "Jeepers" count: 0.
  • "Jinkies" count: 2.

Coloring mistakes

  • None known.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • On page 6, "Jinkies" is spelt, "Jinkees."


Moribund Liverz: Drats! If it weren't for you kids and that dog of yours, Jack would've won and no one would've caught on.

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