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This guideline is for fictional characters appearing in an episode, movie, novel, etc.

Infobox for characters

There are three types of characters: regular characters, fake monsters (costumed villains, etc. that at first appear to be monsters), and real monsters (actual supernatural entities). Everything should be referenced with <ref>name of episode, movie, etc.</ref>, for notes/trivia, it can be optional with brackets)

The standard layout for a character is as follows:

  • Infobox (first appearance should be production-wise)
  • Character name is ... (short description here)
  • ==Physical appearance==
  • ==Personality==
  • ==Skills and abilties== or ==Powers and abilities== (if)
  • ==History==
  • ===Early life=== (if)
  • ===Film or Series, novel, etc.===
    • ====Add season subheader or series of novel or comics if there is==== (for each show or film, list their actions)
  • ==Appearances== (listing shows and episodes in chronological order)
    • Show
      • Episode
    • Film (if)
    • Show
      • Episode
  • ==Quotes== (this is only for a selection of most memorable/notable. NOT for every single word the character has said. This also isn't for main characters because they would have said too much)
  • ==Notes/trivia==
  • ==References== (should have {{Reflist}} underneath)
  • ==External links== (if the character is based on a real-world individual then include Wikipedia link or if the ficitional character has a close counterpart outside of Scooby-Doo then include a link to another wikia)


  • Template:Location Infobox
  • Location name is ... (short description here)
  • ==History==
  • ===Early history=== (if)
  • ===Film or Series, etc.=== (for each show, list how the location was used in the show in a section titled by the show name)
    • ====Include subheader of season or series of novels or comics====
  • ==Appearances== (listing show and episode)
  • ==Notes/trivia==
  • ==External links== (if it's real-world then link to Wikipedia or if it's a fictional place with a close counterpart outside of Scooby-Doo then link to another wikia)


  • Template:Infobox Episode
  • Episode Name is the nth episode of the mth season of Show Link.
  • ==Premise== (a brief description)
  • ==Synopsis== (a detailed description with images)
  • ==Characters== (see here for layout)
  • ==Locations==
  • ==Objects==
  • ==Vehicles==
  • ==Suspects== (optional depending on series)
  • ===Culprits=== (optional depending on series)
  • ==Songs== (optional if there isn't a song or depending on series)
  • ==Cast== (this is specifically for the actors and their known roles (characters without a known actor should not be added))
  • ==Full credits== (See here for layout)
  • ==Notes/trivia==
  • ===Animation mistakes and/or technical glitches===
  • ===Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities===
  • ==Home media==
  • ==Quotes== (selection of most memorable/notable)
  • ==External links== (a reputable place to watch the episode (this usually equals paying to watch from Amazon, iTunes, etc.)


  • Template:Story Infobox for stories in books or comics
  • ==Premise== (a brief description)
  • ==Synopsis== (a detailed description with images)
  • ==Characters== (see here for the layout)
  • ==Locations==
  • ==Objects==
  • ==Vehicles==
  • ==Suspects== (optional)
  • ===Culprits=== (optional)
  • ==Notes/trivia==
  • ===Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities===
  • ==Reception== (for opinions by reputable critics)
  • ==Quotes== (selection of most memorable/notable)
  • ==External links== (reputable places you can read online (usually this equals a site you buy online either digitally or for a physical copy))



  • Template:People
  • Name is (a brief description including references to other work).
  • ==Voice roles== or ==Live roles==
  • ===(For each show, include a header for that show, and italise it)===
    • A table giving the character(s) and episode(s) -- see existing pages for examples.
  • ==External links== (should include if possible, their official website, Wikipedia page, and their social media address (if not from Twitter than from Facebook)

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