Scott McRae
Scott McRae
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Comic book artist

Scott McRae is an American comic-book artist. He has worked for DC Comics as an inker.

Comic credits

Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

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Issue Title Role
16 Almost Live From Big Puce inks
33 The Creeping Horror inks
48 Personality Disorder inks
57 Don't Be Such a Dragon inks
71 The Spirits of Appledown County! inks
75 Ghost to Ghost TV inks
78 The Mine is Mine inks
81 Under Pressure inks
83 You'll Never Lurk in This Town Again inks
84 Working Stiffs inks
85 Gargoyle Foil inks
86 Dread and Breakfast inks
86 Daphne's Dilemma inks
87 Multi-Monster Mania inks
87 Unfair Play at the Fair inks
88 Unbelievable Beast inks
88 The Shadow Knows inks
88 The Crossword Clue inks
89 In The Beatnik of Time inks
89 Velma's Crime Solving inks
90 Fishy Story pencils, inks
91 The Kung Fu Ghost Girl inks
91 I've Lost My Glasses inks
93 Cover Story inks
101 Something to Sink Your Teeth Into inks
102 Quit Buggin' Me inks
102 You Do Voodoo Dolls inks
103 Dig Those Crazy Ghosts inks
104 Bite-Sized Beasties inks
105 The Park After Dark inks
106 Dead & Let Spy inks
107 Howl in the Family inks
107 Howl's Well That Ends Well inks
109 The Lost Survivors of Monster Island inks
110 The Greatest of Us All inks
111 Family Plot inks
112 Eek-stra Innings inks
113 The Terror of Transylvania inks
114 Turkey Terror at 2000ft. inks
115 It's a Wonderful Fright inks
117 The Tell-Tale Heartburn inks
118 Velma's Monsters of the World: The Plat-Eye inks
119 Mummy Under Wraps inks
120 Home Run Haunting inks
122 Museum Mayhem inks
123 Cheers for Fears inks
125 Fly By Night inks
125 Time to Scare inks
126 Miami Frights inks
126 Marina Screama inks
129 The Creature of Lagoona Beach inks
132 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf inks
142 Ah...Rival inks
145 Man of a Thousand Monsters! inks
147 Howling Good Time inks
149 Big Girls Don't Sneeze inks

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (DC Comics)

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