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Sea creature (All Paws on Deck)
Sea creature (All Paws on Deck)
Vital Statistics
Species Sea creature
Eye color Yellow
Other Statistics
Identity Thorn and Dahlia
Reason To steal the priceless artifact's on the sea floor of Bribary Bay
Production Details
First appearance BCSD: All Paws on Deck

The sea creatures were the disguises of dive-masters Thorn and Dahlia.

Physical appearance

The sea creatures were green monsters with both reptilian and fish-like qualities. They had glowing yellow eyes and razor sharp teeth.


They behaved like typical predatory animals, but did show occasional bouts of intelligence. They were particularly aggressive, as one of them tried to drown Mystery Inc. by bashing in the windows of the mystery machine.

Powers and abilities

They were incredibly skilled swimmers and were shown to be quite strong, as one of them was able to punch straight through a glass window.


Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Thorn and Dahlia unmasked

Thorn and Dahlia unmasked.

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