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Secret Six
[[File:Secret six|290px]]
Vital Statistics
Other Statistics
Occupation Show dogs; army personnel
Affiliation Mr. B; Mystery Inc.
Production Details

The Secret Six is a litter of six Golden Retriever puppies owned by Mr. B; their mother is Crissie.

None of this dog family can speak, they just make dog sounds like any normal dog would.


From left to right, back row through front row:


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

Stolen by Scar and Skull at a dog show, but brought back by Scooby-Doo who they also dognapped. (Homeward Hound)

Season three

Insert details here. (Farmed & Dangerous)

All six pups (without their mother) left the farm to train at Fort Knox. When Scooby and the gang visited they discovered that the six pups were put to work, secretly digging a tunnel for Drill Sergeant Payne, who was trying to get out of Fort Knox to take over the Gold-Ade Bottling Plant next door. (Gold Paw)



  • The name might be based off Enid Blyton's Secret Seven.
  • Although unable to speak, in Homeward Hound they managed to say "Doo" at the end, along with Scooby's sign off.
  • It's unknown who the father, but is most likely a Golden Retriever like Crissie is.

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