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The Segundo Llave is Spanish for "Second Key". It is in the form of a conquistador's helmet that Skipper Shelton traded to him by Handsome Jimmy.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season 2

When musical notes appeared on the Planispheric Disk and the Hex Girls sang them aloud, a light from the disk revealed coordinates that led to Skipper Shelton's Clam Cabin.

It appeared being used as a water dish for Tiny in the time-frozen scene of the Mystery Gang found in the sitting room. (Nightmare in Red)

The gang packed it in a bag for their mission to find and destroy the Evil Entity.

Dipping water with it was required to open the door to the Water Dimension.



  • Like the other keys, the frozen scene associates it with a Greek element, in this case water.

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