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Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Vital Statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown[1]Brown[2]
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Detective (deceased)
Affiliation Dr. John Watson
Production Details
First appearance SD&SD (1st series): The Night Ghoul of Wonderworld

Sherlock Holmes was a famous London detective. His partner was Dr. John Watson, and lived on 221B Baker Street. His catchphrase was "Elementary."

Physical appearance

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Early life

His last unsolved case was dubbed the "Mystery of the Blue Carbuncle."[3]

Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (first series)

Insert details here. (The Night Ghoul of Wonderworld)

The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries

Insert details here. (Sherlock Doo)

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

He appeared with Watson in Dr. Laslow Ostwald's Virtual Mystery Game.[2]



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