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* Personality.
Space Alien (UFO-No)
Space Alien (UFO No)
Vital Statistics
Species Alien
Gender Male
Eye color Red (yellow sclera)
Other Statistics
Occupation Concert performer
Production Details
First appearance SD! (DC Comics):

The Space Alien is a concert performer with a flying craft.

Physical appearance

He is a green alien with red and yellow sclera eyes. He wears a gray suit with a backpack on his back.


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Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

He was hired by Mrs. Swords to give a one-time appearance at a concert given by Pritty Swords, to add some extra excitement. Pritty didn't know this was going to happen. When he used a powerful vacuum from his craft on her, it pulled off the fake plastic tiara she was wearing. When he realized he could be blamed for stealing the real tiara, he gave the fake one back to the gang to help them solve the mystery.



  • Even though he acted as a hired performer, he is left sufficiently mysterious, making the possibility that he might be a real alien left open.