Specter of Sports Cars

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Specter of Sports Cars
Specter of Sports Cars
Gender Male
Hair Concealed
Eyes Black
Identity Crocker Pitt
Motive To profit from stolen car plans
Production details
First appearance TNS&SDS: The Scooby Coupe
Crocker Pitt umasked
Crocker Pitt unmasked
RockSunnerAdded by RockSunner

The Specter of Sports Cars was the disguise of Crocker Pitt.

Powers and abilities

  • He could make cars obey him (by using a remote control in his glove).


The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show

He wanted to make the XYZ Sports Car lose the competition, so he could later develop his own car using the blueprints he stole from Professor Sprocket. (The Scooby Coupe)


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