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Spook and Poltergeist Society
Vital Statistics
Members Rankor (would-be);
Bogel (would-be);
Weerd (would-be);
red demons
Other Statistics
Occupation Haunting
Alignment Evil
Status Unknown
Production Details

The Spook and Poldergeist Society (abbreviated to S.A.P.S.) is an evil group that plan to destroy the world.

How to get into SAPS

What Vincent Van Ghoul says

Ghosts will cause havoc and those who succeed will become members of S.A.P.S..

Bogel and Weerd's plan

  1. Lie to Scooby-Doo Detective Agency.
  2. Steal the Chest of Demons and Flim-Flam's crystal ball.

Rankor's plan

  1. Trick Vincent into looking into the Eye of Eternity.
  2. Try to kill the gang by using his demon car method.
  3. Blast out passengers and pilot in Fly-By-Nite plane.
  4. Throw out Bogel and Weerd for being "traitors".


The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

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