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Spring-Heeled Jack
Spring Heeled Jack
Vital Statistics
Species Human/ghost
Gender Male
Hair color Green
Eye color White
Other Statistics
Identity Mr. Woggleson
Reason To get out of his contract with the museum
Powers and abilities Leaping
Production Details
First appearance SD (DC Comics):
Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack was the disguise of Mr. Woggleson.

Physical appearance

He had a yellow face and long green hair, and wore a black cloak and black boots.


He seemed angry that Sherlock Holmes had more fame than he did. He complained about this in a heavy Cockney accent.

Powers and abilities

  • Leaping - Woggleson had springs built into the soles of his boots. He was a former circus acrobat and he was skilled in leaping with them.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

Mr. Woggleson unmasked

Mr. Woggleson unmasked.

He wanted to get out of his seven-year contract with the museum. He didn't like the people he had to work with, particularly the museum janitor.



  • "'Ere's a question for the two 'o yeh: who's afraid of Spring-Heeled Jack?"