Stake-out at the Take-out

Haven owner hires undercover detectives

Stake-out at the Take-out Title Card

The Scooby & Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour
Episode # 104b
US Air date October 16, 1982 (ABC)
Story by Gordon Kent
Jack Enyart
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Stake-out at the Take-out is the second part of the fourth episode of The Scooby & Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour.


The detective agency is hired by Mutual of Toledo, an insurance company, to find out who stole the Golden Coins, and the only clue is some special burger sauce, left at the crime scene. The guys soon discover that Hamburger Haven has that same sauce, so they get jobs there and go undercover.


An insurance company has hired the Fearless Detective Agency to find stolen gold coins. The only clue the gang has is special burger sauce, which they trace to Hamburger Haven. They decide to go undercover by getting jobs there making burgers.

Scooby turns the burger assembly belt too fast, causing them to be pelted with the food, while the crooked men, in a store room they told the gang to stay out of, are hiding the coins in the burgers. They come out and order the gang to put every last burger back together. Shaggy then begins suspecting that the coins might be in the burgers. They hide Scrappy in a burger sack so he can see what's going on in the room. They see him running back to tell the gang and give chase.

Scrappy challenges, and the gang hides in the truck the crooks take off in. At the airport, they load up a plane and take off, but Scooby grabs the tail and guides the plane through a restaurant, and then into a storm pipe, trapping them. The Insurance man arrives at the Fearless office, and is surprised to be handed a box of hamburgers. Scooby 'eats' all of the coins free.


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Don Messick Scooby-Doo
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers


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