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Levels/Areas - Links

This would create a lot of pages. I have not played the game si can not say authoritively that it is not necessary. But, for now we can assume that not each area needs a seperate link. Thus the general locactions would do for now at least.Piandao and Scooby! 21:50, November 24, 2010 (UTC)

Hey, since I put all those links down, I'll remove and reorganize them into seperate areas. I apologize if for anything this might have affected. I was merely trying to create an organized area for a walkthrough. Samus Fan101 (Talk)
No need to applogise SF, it's useful info, and if we do need all the walkthfoughs eventually, then so be it. Game pages are new for me so I don't have a clue how much detail can derive from a game, I am trying to avoid a long list of stubs that can never expand. Develop them if you can and create pages as needed when it becomes long, we can merge them if it bcomes necessary. We still have nearly 1 k red links to go. Nothing is set in stone with wikis :) oh, and pls try to remember to sign talk page edits - I inserted your name above. Piandao and Scooby! 13:25, November 25, 2010 (UTC)

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