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"The Aliens Are Here" is a song by The Hippos. It is used as a chase song during Scooby-Doo And The Alien Invaders.


They're here from outer space
They're knocking at the door

Are they here for a party, or do they want more?
Watch out! We're not alone
I wish they'd just phone home

The aliens are here
To get the human race

The aliens are here
We've gotta get out of this place

The aliens are here

They're icky, bug-eyed beings from outer space
Ugly, green and slimy all over the place

Who knows just what they'll do?
If they grab you, say toodle-oo, dude

The aliens are here
They're out in force tonight

The aliens are here
We better keep out of their sight

The aliens are here

If they catch you on their ship, they'll experiment on you
And turn you into something for their interstellar zoo, dude
Beware, you'd better hide!
They're closing in on every side! Oh, no!

The aliens are here
They're dropping in our face

The aliens are here
We gotta get outta this place

The aliens are here
The aliens are here


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