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Hooded skeletal ghost is a projection

"The Ghost Is Here" is the second of three songs, and the first of two chase songs, from Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island. It is performed by Sky Cycle. The music is by Tom Snow and the lyrics by Tom Leopold.


Another scary night
another spooky fright
and you just might be in danger.

Oh the ghost is here and it's always a fake.
The ghost is here and there's no reason to shake.
The ghost is here, oh give us a break.
It's fake.

Another ghoul attack
she's breathing down our back
so we're making tracks for the exit.

Oh the ghost is here and it's a crook in a suit.
The ghost is here and he's protecting some loot.
The ghost is here, oh give him the boot.
He's fake.

It doesn't matter where we go, we know
a ghost is gonna show and so
we look for the bogus
we look for the scam
and every time the ghost is a sham.

We see an eerie light
and if the mood is right
then you just might sight a monster.

Oh the ghost is here, it's our frightening task.
To face our fears and the creep in the mask.
So the ghost is here, there's no reason to ask.
He's fake.


The gang reformed and keep unmasking criminals across Louisiana.



  • The song is basically a summary of a standard Scooby-Doo mystery. The twist being that during the film they encounter real monsters in the form of zombies and werecats.

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