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"The Vampires Dance" is a song of the Fangenschanz group.


Bram: What's that
You hear
The sound
Of fear
They're here
Vampires roaming in the night
What's that
You say
Can't be
No way
They're fake
Believe whatever you might
But when the is moon is full on a starlite night
You best all lock your doors up tight
Because my friend the vampire start to dance

Fangenschanz: They're all around you
Everybody's coming play
Oh yes they found you
And now they're gonna take you away-ay-ay

Bram: So watch out
Take care
Be smart
Out there
Something's waiting for you
When midnight comes it's time to hide
Say good night and run inside
Is that my friend is when
They all come out again
Oh yes right now is when
The vampires dance

Fangenschanz: The vampires dance


Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

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