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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Other Statistics
Affiliation Addams Family
Production Details
First appearance TNSDMovies: Wednesday is Missing

Thing is a member of the Addams Family.

Physical appearance

Thing is a disembodied green arm. He's referred to with male pronouns, even thought there's nothing distinguishable male about him.

Powers and abilities

Insert details here.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

Gomez Addams asked the Scooby gang to shake hands with him/it.

Uncle Fester later surprised Scooby-Doo by having him open a box with Thing in it as Morticia Addams's going-away present.



  • In later incarnations of the Addams family (outside of Scooby-Doo), Thing is flesh coloured and just a hand.

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