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The Titanic Twist was the disguise of Connie and Curt Crunch.

Physical appearance

The Titanic Twist's body was heavily deformed and contorted, to the point that he appeared to have two left arms. He had purple skin and wore black trunks, red knee pads, and red shoes.


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Powers and abilities

The kids used knockout gas on the wrestlers they fought to defeat them quickly. The monster also seemed to be very strong itself, being able to partially lift an occupied trailer and shove it off a cliff.


Early life

The Titanic Twist was a wrestling move so devastating that it was banned after the very first time it was used. The monster was supposedly the ghost of the wrestler the move was used on seeking revenge.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

Curt and Connie Crunch unmasked

Curt and Connie Crunch unmasked.

Curt and Connie Crunch weren't trying to hurt anyone--they just wanted to scare their dad, Malachi Crunch, into retiring from his wrestling so he wouldn't get hurt. [1]