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* Physical appearance.
* Personality.
Tomina Kasanski
Tomina Kasanski
Vital Statistics
Alias Ice Princess[1]
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Other Statistics
Occupation Pilot
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Dark Night of the Hunters
Played by Kate Higgins

Lieutenant Tomina Kasanski is a pilot, and an old friend of Mayor Janet Nettles.

Physical appearance

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Early life

She attend fighter weapons school, with Mayor Nettles.[1]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

She was a possible suspect to be the Priestess on account of the fact that she was suspiciously following the gang. She showed up when the gang caught the real culprit, Professor Enrique Andelusossa, and introduced herself, followed by Mayor Nettles who had arranged Kaminski to fly the gang back to Crystal Cove. Kasanski then began to walk away with Andelusossa to the proper authorities.[1]

Having taken the gang, Mayor Nettles, and Angie Dinkley back to Crystal Cove Airport, they watched her fly away.[2]



  • Her being a suspect is purely from the viewer's perspective.
  • She has a resemblance to Debbie Callahan from Police Academy: The Animated Series.
  • Kasanski and Nettles are both voiced by Kate Higgins.

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Gilberta Crispino Italian


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