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Uncle Fester
Uncle fester
Gender Male
Hair color Bald
Eye color Black
Affiliation Addams Family
First appearance TNSDMovies: Wednesday is Missing
Voice actor Jackie Coogan

Uncle Fester (or simply "Fester" when he introduces himself) is an unspecified relative of the Addams Family.

Physical appearance

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Like all the Addams, he is attracted to the macabre.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

Fester's first appearance, popping up below Shaggy.
TyciolAdded by Tyciol

After Gomez and Morticia left, Fester claimed he was the temporary head of the Addams' family. (This implied that he was not the head when they were both present, but would be the next in line in terms of authority.)




  • In some presentations of the Addams family he is the uncle of Morticia. In others, he is the older brother of Gomez.
  • Morticia is the first to refer to him as "uncle" Fester in the episode.
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