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Various production staff

TSDMovies s1 credits

Role Person
Producer and Director William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Associate Producer Alex Lovy
Story Jameson Brewer
Tom Dagenais
Ruth Flippen
Fred Freiberger
Willie Gilbert
Bill Lutz
Larry Markes
Norman Maurer
Jack Mendelsohn
Ray Parker
Gene Thompson
Paul West
Harry Winkler
Story Direction Steve Clark
Mike Kawaguchi
Paul Sommer
Carl Fallberg
George Singer
Irv Spector
Howard Swift
Audio Director Charles A. Nichols
Production Design Iwao Takamoto
Production Supervisor Victor O. Schipek
Voices Nicole Jaffe
Don Messick
Frank Welker
Daws Butler
Joan Gerber
Larry Harmon
Ann Jillian
Jim MacGeorge
Mike Road
Vincent VanPatten
Casey Kasem
Heather North
John Stephenson
Henry Cordon
Florence Halop
Pat Harrington
Ted Knight
Cindy Putman
Olan Soule
Len Weinrib
Layout Bob Singer
John Ahern
Mike Arens
Ric Gonzalez
Alex Ignatiev
Ray Jacobs
Bill Lignate
Alvaro Arce
Mo Gollub
Paul Gruweth
Zygamond Jaolecki
Herb Johnson
Lew Ott
Animation Bill Keil
Ed Aardel
Oliver E. Callahan
George Cannata
Izzy Ellis
John Garling,Fred Grable
Joan Orbison
Jay Sarbry
Irv Spence
Carlo Vinci
Ed Barge
Lars Calonius
Rudy Cataldi
Hugh Fraser
Bob Goe
Dick Lund
Ed Parks
Ken Southworth
Dave Tendlar
Backgrounds F. Montelaegre
Gary Niblett
Dave High
Titles Iraj Paran
Musical Director Hoyt Curtin
Musical Supervision Paul DeKorte
Technical Supervisor Frank Paiker
Ink and Paint Supervisor Jayne Barbera
Xerography Robert "Tiger" West
Sound Direction Richard Olson
Bill Getty
Supervising Film Editor Larry Cowan
Film Editors Earl Bennet
Ron Sawade
Pat Foley
Negative Consultant William E. DeBoer
Post Production Joed Eaton
Camera George Epperson
John Aarda
Dennis Weaver
Ralph Migliori

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