I'm not an expert, but I know basic things. One of them being is how to look go on your one's own talk page. For a few of you this is a problem, I don't know why, but it some how is. And this is causing problems because when you've done something wrong and I go to your talk page it means I'm trying to help you out, and when you continue to do the wrong thing it usually means you haven't checked your talk page either because you don't know how (or you can't be bothered) or you're purposely doing it wrong.

If you recieve a message a rectangle box at the bottom right hand corner of the screen will appear with the words "You have new messages". You simply have to click on that to go to your talk page. Or you can manually go to your talk page by taking the arrow to your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and a drop down menu will appear. You can also find your talk page additionally by clicking onto your name and finding the talk page as one of the a list of things you can view beginning with your user page. You don't even have to answer me, I just would appreciate it if when I ask of you to do something then to be complient and not to ignore me. Because it gets annoying when I have to constantly correct something like the spelling of "business" or a coding of a box or a link, etc.. Anything I can do then you as sure as will be able to do it too.

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