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  • AwesomeIsMyName

    Wow... that was just.... wow Scooby's dream..... explains everything. The nibiru thing.... the treasure the entity inside of it.... Scooby's destiny... just WOW.

    After The Man in the Miror:

    Just Saw the Man in the Miror.... the ending... same reaction. Wow.... so peracles works for the entity inside the treasure!?!?!!?!? :DDDDDDDD

    Ok... the final 2 episodes are almost here :D :D :D :D :D :D

    The greatest hour of entertaiment is about to begin*

    ARE YA READY??????

    • I am not saying this is the greatest thing ever, I am saying it's really great.

    ICK!!!! :D :D :D Best... thing... ever. That ending.... PURE GENIUS. PER...PER....FECTION.

    This series difently was the best version of Scooby doo ever :D :D :D I loved all the  Where are You references with the…

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  • AwesomeIsMyName

    Update the SDMI ep guide page please.

    I'm 75% sure that Aliens Among Us is real.

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  • AwesomeIsMyName

    New Episode

    December 16, 2012 by AwesomeIsMyName

    I found a something on wikipedia about a new ep of SDMI airing on January 27th and the reference for it seems legit. It's going to be called: "Aliens Among Us"


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