The Last Episodes of Mystery Incorporated Discussion

Wow... that was just.... wow Scooby's dream..... explains everything. The nibiru thing.... the treasure the entity inside of it.... Scooby's destiny... just WOW.

After The Man in the Miror:

Just Saw the Man in the Miror.... the ending... same reaction. Wow.... so peracles works for the entity inside the treasure!?!?!!?!? :DDDDDDDD

Ok... the final 2 episodes are almost here :D :D :D :D :D :D

The greatest hour of entertaiment is about to begin*


  • I am not saying this is the greatest thing ever, I am saying it's really great.

ICK!!!! :D :D :D Best... thing... ever. That ending.... PURE GENIUS. PER...PER....FECTION.

This series difently was the best version of Scooby doo ever :D :D :D I loved all the  Where are You references with the ending, almost perfectly connecting with the original version.

IT's entering my Animated tv series hall of fame for sure :DDDDDDDDDDDD WOOT!!!!

BEST ENDING EVER.... *sniff* so awesome....

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