Today is the fourth day that I've worked on this wiki. I've already made a lot of edits related to the What's New, Scooby-Doo episode 'There's No Creature Like Snow Creature '. Multiple characters aside from the Mystery Inc. have been given descriptions of their physical appearances, their personalities, and their histories. I've gotten a new favorite character as well, who is Avalanche Anderson . My obsession with the character have gotten to the point where I plan to write a fan-based story that includes the Funky Phantom gang.

My experiences here didn't come without its limits. I've learned that you can't describe a character's eye color as black, as it is a generic color with many characters. Screenshots that you captured are copyrighted under the terms of Fair Use policy. Most importantly, you can't make a gallery for any side character (as far as I know). I learned the last lesson the hard way. I posted up to fifteen screenshots of Avalanche Anderson, and all but one were deleted. Of course, I was a little upset. I worked hard on those images.

Then again, I'm new here and I don't own this wiki. I must abide and adapt to the wiki's rules. Knowing that calms me down.

~ Howler of the Moon

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