Now, before you comment, I want you to know that the story is still a work in progress. However, feel free to tell me what you don't like about Scooby-Doo fan fictions. I'll be happy to try to avoid those problems. Here's what I have so far in terms of a premise.

"Mystery Inc. arrives at the mountain resort where the Wilkinson Snowboarding Open took place. Another snowboarding event is underway, with snowboarding athlete Chris Klug among the top competitors. Suddenly an unexplained blizzard comes on a sunny day. The event was temporarily canceled, and everyone was disappointed.

"Then other unexplained events occured. The normally gentle sled dogs became hostle. Strange ice patterns rapidly spread all over the walls of the lodge, and the indoor temperature is rapidly decreasing without any explaination. Determined to solve the mystery, the gang go out into the blizzard to find clues. Will they find the cause of the blizzard and find the culprit? Will they even survive the cold?"

Originally, I had the Funky Phantom gang come in with crazy experience of the paranormal. I'm not so sure now. I remember when the Mystery Inc. encountered real mosters and survived the ordeal. Well, I guess this will be better. I mean, this is Scoobypedia after all!

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