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    Scooby-Doo!/WWE crossover

    August 25, 2013 by Scoob16

    So, it has been confirmed that the new Scooby-Doo/WWE movie will be called Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery (although the previous titles sounded better, but anyways, we take what we can get). It's been confirmed through posts on Scooby-Doo Network Center and Scooby's official Facebook page about Scooby visiting the SuperSlam something - forgive me, I don't know anything about WWE. Should we start a page? They say the movie will be released in 2014, no exact date.

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  • Scoob16


    July 9, 2013 by Scoob16

    Hey guys, I'd like to ask a question: how do I add another line in the "in other languages"boards? I'd like to add Greek, since I am one myself.


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    Apology & corrections

    July 8, 2013 by Scoob16

    OK, first I'd like to apologise for anything bad I've done, I was threatened to be banned and I didn't want this to happen. I love Scoobypedia, it's the most trustworthy source on everything Scooby, from episodes to comics.

    I'd like to note that in the Spooky Space Kook (episode), home media lists Scooby-Doo! and the Pirates, which is dead wrong. I would like you to replace it with Scooby-Doo! Mystery in Motion. I would do it myself, if it weren't for the fact that the article is "locked".

    Thanks you from the bottom of my heart. Gotta go now, bye Scooby fans!

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