So, I know Scrappy Doo is one of the most hated characters alive, I get it. But, I wish someday, they would bring Scrappy back for at least one episode, TV Special, or DTV movie. Either as the bad guy, like in the SD Movie (getting revenge or something) or, returning to the gang as the same character he was in the older shows. Now, if they would bring him back as the good guy again, it'd be better if he was the same way he was in the movies, Reluctant Werewolf, The Boo Brothers and Ghoul School (toned down, less annoying, and sort of the 'brains' guy). I can understand how people would have gotten annoyed with the original Scrappy from the Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo Show. And I also know it's very unlikely he will ever be brought back, but... it would be cool if they at least tried, again, as the bad guy or good guy. That would make a great new show or DTV movie in the near future. And if that wouldn't work, it'd be cool to see Scooby Dum again, or Scooby Dee. Something from the past haha. What's everyone else think?

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