Scooby Doo Video Game

So recently I have been in the mood to play a Scooby Doo video game. But after a while, Night of 100 Frights, Mystery Mayhem, Unmasked, Classic Creep Capers get old. So, I was thinking, I really really wish that WB would invest into another new updated Scooby Doo video game. They are spending so much money on the franchise, but we haven't seen a SD video game in a while. I don't want it to be like First Frights or The Spooky Swamp. Why don't they do an all new original SD story in a brand new video game. I don't know, maybe with all new gameplay and things to do, to make you feel like you're apart of Mystery Inc. They could do what the Spongebob ranchise is doing... make a new game for all consoles. (excluding next gen ones) I would really LOVE to see a new SD game in the works sometime soon. I mean does anyone know how to contact someone about this as in a request? What does everyone elese think? I think with the Scooby series, no one thinks about their games that much, but that's what truly makes a franchise... not just movies, tv series and comics...but video games too! Hope to see something soon. Let's see what you guys think!

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