Anybody that has twitter may want to look this up...especially if they are a Scooby Doo fan like myself. I recently stumbled upon an account made for Shaggy Rogers on twiter. Now I know, it's just a fan...but whoever is tweeting as Shaggy is really doing a good job bcause's dead on to how Shaggy would talk, act, and tweet if he was really on twitter, and two...he's always referencing new and classic scenarios from Scooby doo shows, and acts like they were real. It's pretty neat because it makes you feel like Shaggy is a real person and this guy is doing a great job at portraying him. I'm gonna follow him as soon as I'm done writing this. He needs some followers so spread the looks like this guys just started. So, everyone on twitter look up @ShaggyRogersMI if you are a Scooby freak like me's pretty cool to see "Shaggy" appearing on my twiter newsfeed everytime I'd log on!

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