In my opinion my favorite is Witch's Ghost beause if it's setting, animation, and story. Zombie Island is second again for the setting with Alien Invaders at third for the setting again and Cyber Chase at 4th because the setting wasn't as good there. I also like Camp Scare for its setting and story as well the only modern movie with Mystey Incorporated animation. 6th and 7th would be The Legend of the Vampire and th Monster of Mexico for being tributes to to Scooby Doo Where Are You and having its music and cast. 8th is Pirates Ahoy, 9th is Where's my Mummy and 1th is the LOch Ness Monster. The older ones are 11, 12, and 13. I like Relectant Werewolf for making Shaggy a horror freak(which I am) and for having a slightly eerie atmosphere at the beginning and end. Ghoul Shool and Boo Brothers are good but not as good as the rest so there's my list. What is your favorite movie?

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