Things were looking good since Scooby brought his friends back together but then, it all begins to go downhill. And why? Because the gang loses Cassidy Williams (no thanks to Pericles), Fred's parents are evil, and worst of all, Scooby's in grave danger!

This begs several questions:

  • How will the Original Mystery, Inc. think of having revenge for being robbed in Wrath of the Krampus?
  • Will the ghost of the late Cassidy Williams appear?
  • What will the gang do to resolve the dilemma?
  • Will Nova remain on the gang's side or turn against them?
  • When will Fred and Daphne finally mend their broken relationship?
  • Who will help the gang?
  • How will everything go down?
  • Could this be the end of our heroes?

Will the outcome be positive or negative? You decide.

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