I thought those who have Cartoon Network On Demand should know that I saw the Season 2 episode of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. It's called The Night the Clown Cried.

Now to list the events:

  • The farm Scooby was sent to didn't look as nice as Shaggy's parents claimed it would be.
  • Scooby meets a new female character named Mayor Nettles. (She might be just as hot as Angel Dynamite/Cassidy Williams)
  • Scooby manages to bust Shaggy out of military school.
  • Together, Scooby and Shaggy find Fred and Velma.
  • Daphne now has a new boyfriend and refuses to come back to the gang. (Aw, man! Things are about to get worse than they ever were!)
  • The gang (minus Daphne) fails to stop the Crybaby Clown. (I always knew they'd lose this way!)

Overall, I do not like how the episode ended. Things won't be the same without Daphne at all, will they? On the other hand, I'm glad Scooby gave it his effort to get his friends back together.

To OD* owners, tell me what you thought of this episode.

(*On Demand)

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