Cartoon Network did a really lousy job promoting and quickly airing Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! I don't think it's because it was such a terrible show, it's because CN clearly didn't care enough. What's more insulting, is that they still have some producer involved in the end credits for season 2, like it still needed the backing for what it clearly wasn't going to air (or maybe it was done with the believe that it was actually going to air on their channel).

Another thing that is disappointing, is that Boomerang didn't air what CN didn't want to, either. It turns out that Boomerang was getting its own Netflix-like website, only done in a manner of which someone had clearly no experience in making it, or running it, or promoting it. And when it opened, they didn't bother showcasing unaired material in the US, they opened with less episodes than what had already been shown on the Boomerang TV channel. Wabbit and The Tom and Jerry Show, didn't get much respect either. Tom and Jerry Show did actually reach a second season on CN (not sure why, I mean it's okay, but I it kind of becomes run of the mill in the end. There's really no punch to it anymore), but caught up with CN's bored with all the animal-themed shows they were getting from WBA, so it seemed the Boomerang streaming service was an easy out for them, yet Boomerang, themselves, clearly don't have the excitement of airing anything truly new that hasn't been aired in the US, so they're just making people pointlessly wait and pay for something they could easily get from Warner Archive, Warner Home Video, TV, or someplace else. And the thing with the streaming service, is that the channel suffered as a result, by having it being turned into some skeletal version of its former glory.

Cartoon Network are still asking for more DC and Lego, which seems to be doing okay for them, even though those shows are taking their time as well. I just have zero respect for the company now, and little for the Time Warner company as a whole. When Dawn of Justice got all the negativity, they moved people around because they thought that would make things better. So, it's the whole company at large that's having problems.

Scooby needs new life and get the attention it deserves someplace else. It can only air on Time Warner associated channels (so, no, it can't air on Disney XD), and maybe a place like the CW could do a whole more more for the franchise, and not just Scooby, but other characters from Hanna-Barbera. New stuff is still being made, it just needs the attention and buzz from a new source, which is no longer happening from Cartoon Network and Boomerang.