In the US, there's six remaining episodes of season 1 of Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, and if you hadn't noticed, we have a Twitter account, which I use to talk about the fact that Cartoon Network in the United States of America have yet to air the remaining episodes, despite the fact that season 2 is more or less finished. There may be five remaining depending on whether or not it actually did air on Boomerang.

And this is the point of my this blog, is that some people from the UK will tweet to me after they've seen my "When will it finish on CN?" tweets, that these episodes have aired all the time on Boomerang, as if I'm supposed to be incredibly surprised by this. In fact, it doesn't just air in the UK, it airs everywhere, including Canada (at least on Netflix Canada, the only territory of Netflix that will show Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!). Those six remaining episodes just won't air on Cartoon Network in the United States. I'm sure they have some great reason of when and how they'll air these episodes, as if it needs to be greatly timed. But regardless, I know it airs in the UK. When I talk about what airs in the UK, I use #BoomerangUK (and that will probably include Ireland, too). And whenever I'm not referring to Boomerang UK, I won't use the hashtag, so you'll know if I'm referring to the US or the UK. Our Twitter account is supposed to cover it airing everywhere (and I will tweet and retweet when I can about that). So, as much as appreciate the time you take to tell me of this great fact of it airing in the UK, I already know. Believe me, I know.