Hello, people of Scoobypedia! I'm a newcomer to the Wiki! First off, I wanna give you a list of aliases I go by.:

  • YoungOtakuNerd (official user name)
  • Otaku (shortened version of my user name)
  • Erica Sakura (gaming community persona)
  • Manga Wings (MLP community persona)
  • Dani Tetsuwan (General cartoon/anime persona)

Feel free to call me what you want!

Anyway, as I said before, I'm a newcomer to the Wiki. I'm writing this blog as an introduction. I am a huge Scooby fan; I've loved Scooby since I was young, and I'll probably keep loving it for years to come. In fact, I drew up some fan art, right here!:

File:Scooby Doo-Mystery, Inc. (Anime Style).jpg
It's Mystery, Inc....except ANIME STYLE!!! (I think they should officially do this; just sayin'.) I kinda sucked at Scooby, and Velma could probably have been better, but the rest looks pretty good to me.

Also, if you're gonna ask who my favorite character is, that's an easy question for me to answer: Shaggy! Say what you will, but ever since I've actually had a favorite character, I went ahead and chose Shaggy. He's just such a cute goofball beatnik, and it's so fun to watch him be a klutz! (And it helps that he kicked biker butt in Legend of the Phantosaur, so yeah.) In fact, because he's my favorite, I've actually had more practice drawing him more than any other character (which is probablu why he looks the best out of the group in the above pic).

Also, quick note on my opinions of Scrappy: I don't exactly love him, but unlike most, I don't really find him annoying; I'm kinda neutral.

So that's my love of Scooby in a nutshell! ZOINKS!!! PLEASE COMMENT!!! NO NEGATIVE/OFFENSIVE COMMENTS!!! THANK YOU!!!