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Utility belt

Batman wearing the utility belt.

The utility belt[Note 1] carries all the paraphernalia needed by Batman and Robin.

Physical appearance

It is a yellow belt, with round pouches.

Powers and abilities

  • Miniature bat-radio: Housed within the belt buckle, is a miniature radio, which gives a signal for the police to find if Batman and Robin are lost or trapped and unable to free themselves.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

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  • Robin seems to just wear a regular leather belt. The only resourceful thing about it is the that is presumably in the belt buckle.
  • It's not explicit about whether the miniature bat-radio is hidden inside the belt buckle or the belt buckle, itself.

Background in other media

The utility belt first appeared in DC Comics's Detective Comics #29 (July 1939), and was created by Gardner Fox. The first bat-themed weapon that came from it was the batarang, appearing in Detective Comics #31 (September 1939).


  1. This name is conjecture based on the likeness of Batman's utility belt in the DC Universe.


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