Velma's fingerprinting kit

The fingerprinting kit is owned by Velma Dinkley.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

After watching the Ghost of Elias Kingston go into the Kingston Mausoleum, Fred Jones instructed Shaggy Rogers to use Velma's fingerprinting kit on the doorknob and discovered that the ghost made finger prints. (Before that though, he foolishly brushed Velma's hand instead, making Scooby-Doo snicker.)[1]



  • When the Ghost of Elias Kingston walked into the mausoleum it was actually already open so it would've been more obvious to do that, although perhaps they were assuming he would've opened and closed before. Of course they would also have to assume he'd be the only one to touch it (which would probably be justified by it looking like it had been abandoned).
  • Fred tells Shaggy for whatever to use the kit, instead of doing it himself or just asking Velma to use her own kit. He is considered leader after all.
  • When Scooby laughs after Shaggy uses the kit on Velma's hand instead of the doorknob of the Kingston Mausoleum, the door itself is missing.
  • The fact that Velma brings out the fingerprinting kit out of nowhere could be toon physics. Also, using one looks quite professional of them, but the fact that they only use it this one time when they could've used at any time it would've been useful (which is most of the time), it just looks too convenient. Although perhaps using only once was intentional as it probably would be less fun to keep relying on it even if it does look odd only using it once.


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