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Velma Dinkley/biographical account of comic appearances
Aunt Selma
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Amateur sleuth
Affiliation Mystery Inc.
Production Details

Velma Dinkley is the smartest member of Mystery Inc.. This page is for additional biographical facts about her that can be gathered from the comics.


  • She has a large home with at least one servant, where she maintains a Mystery Museum with a collection of costumes and other memorabilia from their old cases. (Costume Caper)


Early history

The fanzine Mystery Inc. Insider claims that Velma as a child used to dress up as the superhero "Crime-Smacker." (There is no evidence of this other than this one unreliable source).

Some of Velma Dinkley's high-school years were at a different school from the others, one that she calls her "alma mater." (Most likely this is the high school seen in The Spirit Spooked Sports Show). The successful basketball team there is called the Devils. Velma had detention at that school once (and only once) for getting into a fight with a boy named Mickey Murphy after an "overheated debate" between the math club and the science club. She apparently won the fight, because she said his pocket protector didn't protect him very well. (Friday Night Frights)

She seems to have also attended and graduated from the high school where Principal Weathers is in charge, because all of the gang are called "celebrity graduates" from there. (Prom Fright). This school is Coolsville High School, which is the "alma mater" of Shaggy Rogers. (Cheers For Fears)



  • Velma has an aunt named Dahlia Pinkney, a successful computer game developer with a bowling alley in her home. (Gnome Alone)
  • Velma has an Aunt Selma, who runs a dog obedience school. (Dog Gone Ghost)
  • Tavish MacDougal is Velma's third cousin twice removed. He owns a large hotel he built himself, that looks like a Scottish castle. (The Horrible Hound Sound)
  • Viveka Von Dinkley was Velma's great aunt, and she lived in a castle in Germany. Velma was called there for the reading of her will after she passed away. (Family Monster)
  • Velma almost burned her glasses at a ceremony to release precious material things. "These vintage glasses mean an awful lot to me. They belonged to Nana," she thought. (Karmic Chaos!)


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