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Velma Dinkley impostor (DC's Double Trouble)
Velma DC Double Trouble
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Black
Other Statistics
Occupation Criminal
Affiliation Mystery Inc. impostors
Production Details
First appearance SD! (DC Comics):
Double Trouble

The Velma Dinkley impostor is a member of the fake "Mystery Inc." gang that commits crimes while pretending to solve them.

Physical appearance

She is made up to look like Velma Dinkley, but she has a rounder nose. Her glasses have round frames instead of square ones and they have no prescription; she doesn't need them to see.


She is gleeful when a crime is pulled off successfully. She kids around with the Shaggy impostor about his lack of appetite.

Skills and abilities

She is a computer hacker.


Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Insert details here. (Double Trouble)



"You're never hungry. That's why you're so skinny."
"That's a brilliant observation, Miss State-the-obvious."

- Velma impostor and Shaggy impostor