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Viking ghosts (The Curse of the Viking Lake)

Viking leader of Viking Lake

Viking minions of Viking Lake

Vital Statistics
Species Human/ghost
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Eye color Black (red sclera)
Other Statistics
Identity Mr. Hansen and Viking Museum geologists
Reason To steal uranium
Production Details
First appearance TSDS: The Curse of the Viking Lake
Played by John Stephenson

The Viking ghosts were the disguises of Mr. Hansen and two unnamed geologists.

Physical appearance

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The Scooby-Doo Show

Season two

Mr. Hansen and geologists unmasked

Mr. Hansen and geologists unmasked.

The gang trapped the vikings, revealing them to be Mr. Hansen and the two supposedly missing geologists of the Viking Museum. The geologists had discovered uranium on the lake shore, and devised a scheme (along with the museum curator) to scare off any guests. They used the natural steam from the caves so they could run their machinery.



In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Helge Winther-Larsen Norwegian