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Wedded Blake sister
Wedded blake sister
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Purple
Other Statistics
Occupation Astronaut
Family Barty Blake (father);
Nan Blake (mother);
Daphne Blake (sister);
Daisy Blake (sister);
Dawn Blake (sister);
Dorothy Blake (sister);
Delilah Blake (sister);
Astronaut (husband)
Production Details
First appearance SDMI: Revenge Of The Man Crab

The sixth Blake sister is a married astronaut. It can be assumed that her name starts with "D" since this applies to all the other Blake sisters - Daphne, Dawn, Daisy, Delilah and Dorothy.

Physical appearance

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Early life

She graduated from Darrow University by the time she turned thirteen, as all the other Blake girls did, mentioned by Nan Blake, Daphne's mom, as they arrived at Darrow.

She is wedded to another astronaut. Her sister Daphne wasn't able to fit into the "bridal air-lock" at her wedding because she had swollen up so much from eating shellfish.


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