Western Air Command Base
Western Air Command Base
Vital Statistics
Type Air Force base
Part of Rocky Mountains
Other Statistics
Production Details
First appearance TNSDMysteries: Doom Service

The Western Air Command Base is an Air Force base in the Rocky Mountains near the Overview Hotel.


The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries

After reading that the hotel they were summoned to was haunted by a ghost, Shaggy Rogers & Scooby-Doo both claimed they were "drafted" into the Western Air Command Base they were passing.

It was discovered that long time guest of the hotel, Mrs. Van Loon, had found a secret passage between the two places and stole some top secret papers which she intended to sell to the highest bidder; she dressed up as the ghost to scare away the owner and any investigators he brought. She was then taken away by two of the base's guards.