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The following is a list of episodes of the second season of What's New, Scooby-Doo?.


Recurring characters

Episode list: 2003-2004

Image Title Number Airdate Suspects Culprits Monsters
File:Shaggymonsterbigappetite.jpg Big Appetite in Little Tokyo 1 9/13/03 Shaggy Rogers, Ancient One, Elliott Blender, Lt. Tanaka, Prof. Pomfrit Prof. Pomfrit and Dogbot 30 Foot Shaggy
After eating a cursed pizza, Shaggy starts to grow into a Godzilla-like monster whenever he goes to sleep, and he starts eating everything in sight. Now the gang are running around Tokyo trying to get away from the police who want to capture Shaggy.
File:Mummyscares.jpg Mummy Scares Best 2 9/20/03 Camel Sam, Madamoiselle Chantal, Prince Qasl Al-Famir Melbourne O'Reilly hypnotized by Qasl Al-Famir Pharaoh Scamses
While in Egypt on an archeological dig with Melbourne O'Reilly, the gang encounters Pharaoh Scamses the 15th - a mummy who has a knack of turning tourists into zombie minions. Even worse for the gang is the fact that they are in danger of being turned into zombies themselves.
File:Wormious.jpg The Fast and the Wormious 3 9/27/03 Wor-El, Burr Batson, Roberto Torres, Gibby Norton, Lupe Chesares Gibby Norton Mongolian Death Worm
After Fred decides to try his hand at cross-country racing, the gang is stuck with a giant worm, its fanatical worshipers and a racer who would resort to anything to win the race.
File:Hightech.jpg High-Tech House of Horrors 4 10/4/03 Laslow Ostwald, Bobby Blather, Billy Blather, Horatio Hidalgo Shari Super Home of Artificial Robotic Intelligence, Jeeves
The gang ends up going to a future fair; however, the House of the Future is closed due to the mysterious disappearance of a teenager. The creator of the house, Professor Laslow Ostwald, tells the gang that nothing is wrong; however, after Daphne disappears the gang has to go back to the house and are soon being chased by a robot butler.
File:Vampirestrikes.jpg The Vampire Strikes Back 5 10/18/03 Dusk, Wrenchfield, J.J. Hakimoto Steve and Stu Fortescu Vampire
The gang travels to an old Transylvanian castle on a rainy night to watch the shoot of the Hex Girls' new music video Wanna Wed, But I Fled. But when they get there, they find out that the band is breaking up, since there's a vampire on the loose. Fred decides to go straight to trapping the vampire. They do so, only to discover there's another vampire lurking around. It's up to Scooby and the gang to solve the mystery and prevent the Hex Girls from breaking up.
File:Halloween scarecrows.jpg A Scooby-Doo Halloween 6 10/25/03 Eldon Reed, Agnes, Marcy Marcy Scarecrow Robots, Ghost of Hank Banning
The gang goes to Banning Junction to visit Velma's uncle and aunt for Halloween, but they meet the ghostly scarecrows who try to ruin the festivities. Hopefully they can save the town before the Ghost of Hank Banning shows up.
File:Cat Creature.jpg Homeward Hound 7 10/25/03 Sylvie, Meadow Meadow, Skull, Scar, M'Lady Moonbeam Cat Creature
After the gang votes on their destination they end up at the annual dog show courtesy of Scooby. There Shaggy runs into an old acquaintance Meadow and her dog, M'Lady Moonbeam. However, the gang then has an unpleasant run-in with a cat creature who seems bent on ruining the dog-show and stealing the puppies of former winner dog, Crissie.
File:Sanpsycho.jpg The San Franpsycho 8 3/20/04 Rutie Banez, Haze Ferlinguini, Julian Libris Rutie Banez San Franpsycho
The gang goes to the Grind Games in San Francisco to meet an old friend who is participating. However, they soon find out that the games are being terrorized by a former Alcatraz inmate, the San Franpsycho.
File:Sludge monster.jpg Recipe for Disaster 9 3/23/04 Moss T. Meister, Trudy Lowe, Ernest Bailey, Penelope Bailey Penelope Bailey Scooby Snack Monster
After Shaggy wins a trip to the Scooby Snacks Factory The gang prepares for a well deserved holiday. Unfortunately there is very high security in the factory due to spies and worst of all the ghost of a former employee who died in the Scooby Snacks paste vat is lurking in the shadows.
File:Glasburgh Dragon.jpg Large Dragon at Large 10 Ewan McGee, Shane Flinty, Jamison Steven Ripley Jamison Steven Ripley Glasburgh Dragon
Brief description
File:Invismadman.jpg Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman 11 3/22/04 Zeke Zillion, Jack Hunter, Eve De La Faye, Gibby Norton Zeke Zillion, Jack Hunter, Eve De La Faye, and Gibby Norton Invisible Madman
Brief description
File:Fishfiend.jpg Uncle Scooby and Antarctica 12 3/25/04 Corvina Cloyd, Linda Rauch, Monroe Hopper Monroe Hopper Fish Fiend
Brief description
File:Wakumi.jpg New Mexico, Old Monster 13 3/26/04 Avery Orenthal, Cody Long, Shaman Col. Henry Thornwald Wakumi
Brief description
File:Greekcentaur.jpg It's All Greek to Scooby 14 3/27/04 Lysander Demas, Major Portsmouth, Scary-looking man Susie Smythe Centaur
Brief description

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