What Now, Lowbrow?
Dynomutt, Dog Wonder
Episode # 102
US Air date September 18, 1976 (ABC)
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What Now, Lowbrow? is the second episode of Dynomutt, Dog Wonder. It featured a crossover with the Mystery Inc. gang.


The caveman criminal, Lowbrow, wants to learn how to be the King of Crime and steals some books to learn how.


Lowbrow, the caveman criminal, plans to learn to be the King of Crime by going to school but the school rejects his reason for learning and Lowbrow comes back later that night and steals a bunch of books. He is spotted running from the school by Scooby and the gang and then Blue Falcon shows up. Unfortunately, Dynomutt has another one of his malfunctions and Lowbrow gets away.

Lowbrow starts looking through the books and sees a tractor and gets an idea and he uses a big tractor to bust into a building and steals everything. Blue Falcon gets with the others and they make a plan to trap Lowbrow. They put out a bulletin that a Electro Super Brain has been invented and that it makes people smarter. Lowbrow sees this and he plans to steal it so he can make himself smarter. The trap works, but once again Dynomutt goofs things up and everyone is captured in a trap set by Lowbrow. Blue Falcon gets them out of it and they find a clue. It's the name of the apartment building where Lowbrow has been staying. They go there and find a book that he had been looking at and by using Dynomutt's super computer they find out what Lowbrow's next crime will be.

They arrive just in time to see Lowbrow push a boulder down a ski slope towards the Mint and Dynomutt uses his Dyno-jackhammer to bust up the boulder. Then he stops the two henchmen from escaping. Lowbrow climbs up a building and Blue Falcon uses his instant balloon to throw at Lowbrow who catches it and it pops open and floats him straight into prison.

Blue Falcon treats everyone to a turkey dinner, but once again Dynomutt malfunctions and pounds the turkey into a turkey pancake.

Cast and characters

Actor Character
Don Messick Scooby-Doo
Lowbrow's henchman
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers
Lowbrow's henchman
Frank Welker Fred Jones
Heather North Daphne Blake
Pat Stevens Velma Dinkley
Gary Owens Blue Falcon
Ron Feinberg Narrator
Larry McCormick Mayor Gaunt




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