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N64 Black Knight

What a Night for a Knight is the first level of Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers.


Run to the truck dodging the bats along the way and you'll be at the crashed truck. It is on fire, so you'll need a fire extinguisher. Walk a little to the right and you'll find the fire extinguisher. Grab it and put out the fire. After the fire is out, walk a little to the left and you'll find your first clue, a shipping invoice to R. Necros. Grab it and it will go in your inventory. Walk a little to the left of the truck and you'll find your second clue, a handkerchief. Grab it and it will go in your inventory. There are also a couple of Scooby Snacks for you to grab if Shaggy is low on courage. Walk directly to the let and you'll be with the gang.

Mr. Wickles, the museum curator, will tell the gang that the museum is closed for the night and he will also tell them about the Black Knight and what it has been doing. Now the gang needs to find a way into the museum. They will then spot an open window that is high above the ground. Shaggy will now need to find something to reach that window. Open the Mystery Machine door and you'll find a ladder, which will then be placed next to the window. Go inside this open window and you'll be inside the museum.

Be careful, because there is a security guard walking around the hallway. If he catches you, he will throw you out. Sneak past him and get to the table on the left that is next to the room with the second set of art exhibits that has an Egyptian Headdress on it, which happens to be a disguise piece. Grab it and it will go in your inventory. Go to the elevator and open it. Go inside it and it will take you to the bottom floor automatically. Get out of the elevator and run to the right. This is where the front door is. Open the door and you will have let the gang in. Now, for the part that didn't happen in the actual cartoon: The lights will go out and Velma will be captured by the Black Knight. The lights will come back on and Fred will notice that Velma is missing.

Go to the Prehistoric Wing and dodge the dinosaurs and other creatures that you might find. When you get to the end of this creature exhibit, you'll find Velma tightened up against a wall by a coil of rope, which happens to be one of the trap pieces. Velma will say that her glasses are missing and that you have to find them. Velma will then be released from the rope coil and you'll get it. This item will go in your inventory. Now exit out of this room.

Classic Creep Capers Egyptian Wing

The Egyptian Wing.

Go to the Egyptian Wing and open the 3 mummy cases. 2 of them contain mummies and one of them contains a sandbag, your next trap piece. Open the correct mummy case and you'll find the sandbag. Open the wrong one and you'll find a mummy which will take away some of your courage. Grab the sandbag and it will go in your inventory. Run to the end of this room and you'll be in a hallway. The coffin case will open and out comes the Black Knight. Get the Egyptian headdress, get to the Egyptian picture on the left side, and then put on the headdress as fast as you can. Once the headdress goes on, Shaggy and Scooby will go into the picture and be Egyptian kings. The Black Knight will not notice them and will run away. Shaggy and Scooby will then pop out of the picture. Run to the end of this hallway and you'll find Velma's glasses. Grab them and they will go in your inventory. Take them back to Velma in the Prehistoric Wing and she, Scooby, and Shaggy will go back to the basement hallway.

Now Daphne will tell Velma that she is OK and then Fred will tell the gang to search for more clues and trap pieces. Shaggy will say that the only thing he wants is food, which happens to be in a kitchen somewhere in this level. The kitchen is the main place for courage.

Go back to the main floor of the museum via the elevator and go into the second exhibit room.

This room has a whole bunch of monsters inside cases. One of these cases has the Black Knight, so beware of him. When you get near one of the monsters in this room, it will say "I'm not a crook." This piece of voice is coming from the Tape Recorder, which happens to be another trap piece. Grab it and it will go in your inventory. Now exit this room.

Get the security guard to chase after Shaggy and Scooby and go into the first exhibit room. Shaggy and Scooby will run into the room and the security guard will slip on some water, slide across, and then fall down. While he's down, grab his key, which will go in your inventory. Be careful, because after a few seconds, the security guard will get back up and chase after Shaggy and Scooby again. Quickly go to an area that has two buttons. One of them activates the wind chime and one of them activates a secret door. Push the button that activates the wind chime first and then the button that activates the secret door. Go inside the door and Shaggy will tell Scooby to stay in position while he looks for some clues and trap pieces in the room he is about to enter.

In this room, there are a whole bunch of rats and bugs to avoid. Hit one of them, and Shaggy will lose a little courage. Follow the path that leads to some paintings and you'll find a canvas, which happens to be another trap piece. Grab it and it will go in your inventory. Continue down the path and you'll see two paintings, one in color, and a copy in black-and-white. There is a paintbrush next to these paintings which happens to be the third and final clue. Grab it and it will go in your inventory. Now exit out of this room.

Now the security guard is chasing after you again. The best thing to do is exit out of this room, exit out of the museum, and go back in.

Now get back on the elevator and go to the Egyptian Wing again.

The Black Knight will start chasing you once you enter, but he will come out of his coffin from the hallway and make a turn to catch up to you. Run as fast as possible until you get to a locked door. When you get to this door, use the guard's key on it and it will open. Again, Shaggy will tell Scooby to stay put while he looks for some clues and trap pieces.

This room also has a whole bunch of rats and bugs that Shaggy needs to avoid. Follow the path to the end of the room and you'll find a lamp, which happens to be the final trap piece and the final item of the game. Grab it and it will go into your inventory. Now exit out of this room and the Egyptian Wing.

Show all of the clues and trap Pieces to the gang and then it will be time to capture the Black Knight and solve the mystery.

Now here's the plan: Shaggy and Scooby have to lead the Black Knight into the Egyptian Wing. After the Black Knight enters this wing, Velma will play Scooby's growls at half-speed with the tape recorder. Then Daphne will drop the sandbag on the knight's head and then the mystery will be solved.

The Black Knight is hiding in the Prehistoric Wing so go in where and get to the end of it. When you find the Black Knight, run as fast as possible out of this room and get into the Egyptian Wing. When Shaggy and Scooby enter the wing, they will run away from the knight, but when the knight enters the wing, he will be captured.

After the Black Knight has been captured, the security guard will blow his whistle and find out what happened. Now it is time to find out who the Black Knight really is. The Black Knight really is Mr. Wickles, the museum's curator. Now there will be discussion about how the gang solved this mystery and then a scene of the Mystery Machine driving away from the museum while R. Necros says that one of his henchmen was captured and that his plans have been spoiled.


Clues: Paintbrush Shipping Invoice Handkerchief x
Items: Fire Extinguisher Velma's Glasses x x
Disguise Pieces: Egyptian Headdress x x x
Trap Pieces: Sandbag Tape Recorder Lamp Canvas
Keys: Guard's Key x x x

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