White Timber Wolf

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White Timber Wolf
White Timber Wolf
Vital Statistics
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Fur color White
Eye color Yellow
Other Statistics
Affiliation Fu Lan Chi
Production Details
First appearance SDWAY: That's Snow Ghost

The White Timber Wolf is a companion of Fu Lan Chi.

Physical appearance

The White Timber Wolf is a wolf with white fur.


The White Timber Wolf protects Chi from danger and Fu-Lan-Chi feeds him.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

Shaggy Rogers, Daphne Blake, and Scooby-Doo saw yellow eyes in a dark cave. Fu-Lan-Chi told them not to be alarmed, it was only the White Timber Wolf, his friend; Chi fed him and the wolf protected him. Scooby realized he had the wolf's bone so he stretched his tongue and put the bone on the White Timber Wolf's nose and Scooby laughed nervously.


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